A course for water treatment operators and
prospective operators.  Math topics and
water treatment processes are reviewed
with formulas and practice problems.
Topics include: Loading Problems, Fluoridation,
Filtering, Chemical Mixing and Dosing,
Demineralization, etc.

1.0 CEUs - Fee: $150

.5 CEUs - Fee: $75

3.5 CEUs - Fee: $225

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This course is approved by DEP as a preparatory course for the Water Treatment Plant Operator's examimation for the State of Florida license, Class "C."Treatment processes and technical problems are covered, following the DEP curriculum guides.Successful completion of this course will require reading, writing, and basic math and chemistry calculations and prolem solving.












A course for persons wishing to refresh their 
knowledge and understanding of practical 
mathematics. It begins with the basics, adding,      
subtracting, multiplying, dividing, then moves 
on to fractions, percentages and basic 
equations. Emphasis is on solving word problems 
in calculating shape,  volume, velocity, and hydraulic