How It works..

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* Browse the catalog and find a course you wish to take.
* Go to the "Registration" and enroll  in the course.
* After receiving your confirmation of payment and your password, Return to the 
   Learning Center and click on the "Start course" area and begin work.  All instructions
   for completing the course are included.
How to Register 
The registration method depends on the Payment method:
                                                      If paying by check, download a registration form and mail it to MTI
                                                      If paying by credit card or purchase order you can register on line.
                                                       Go to Learning Center, click on Registration button to get to the 
                                                       registration form.
                                                       You will be emailed a user name and password to enable you access to
                                                        the course you have registered for.  There you will find specific 
                                                        directions for the course and be able to download the materials.