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MTI Music has produced a number of recordings, both demos and CDs for distribution. All production is "Self" or "Co-op" type, meaning MTI does not market or distribute recordings. We will provide services including recording, mixing, mastering, media production, art work, and master disk production. Quantities of a couple of hundred disks can be made in house. Larger distributions, 1000 minimum, are sent to mass production facilities.

MTI has produced CDs that are in distribution at this time. The list includes:

From the Heart", a recording by Debbie Dixon

Neon Farewell," the last night at the Neon Armadillo, Disney's Pleasure Island

"Country," a recording by Stan Mitchell and Friends

"Generation Gap Promo," a recording of a retro-pop band in Gainesville, Florida

"Mitchell Family Memories," various recordings of the Mitchell Family gospel singing group, dating to the Forties


Let us make you a CD! Better yet, let us make a CD of you!

You will be amazed at the quality and professional sound. You will never sound better...


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