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Creating Music is a passionate undertaking. Someone once said that a songwriter bares a little bit of soul with each song. Very few people have enough soul to continue to bare, time after time, until it seems unlikely that any more remains. But great writers keep baring and creating, artistry which is perhaps the most enduring and immortal creations which we can make. Who can ever forget "Over The Rainbow" or "White Christmas?" How long will "Make the World Go Away" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today" live in our hearts and minds? Perhaps even after the paint on the Renoirs fades, some raspy voiced singer will ask all the women listening, "Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurtin' Me?"

Stan has been writing music since he was 10 years old. Some of these were performed on the radio by his Father and Uncle, a successful gospel singing group in Tennessee and Alabama. In recent years, this passion has become an obsession, fired by association with legendary song writers like Hank Cochran and Red Lane. Along with such artists, including writing partner Dave Durham, an appreciation for the music and respect for the artists has resulted in some good music.

"...just being around songwriters of this caliber makes me feel like I'm participating in a special kind of creation...One can't help being inspired, albeit with some feeling of inadequacy." --Stan Mitchell


Here are some song titles..Maybe you have heard someone perform them or maybe heard one on a recording:

The Door- Hank Cochran, Dave Durham, Stan Mitchell

Goodnight Pauline - Stan Mitchell

Ruby Falls - Stan Mitchell, Dave Durham

We Won't Meet Up There - Dave Durham, Stan Mitchell

I Can't Get Over You - Stan Mitchell, Dave Durham

We're Gonna Look Back On This - Hank Cochran, Dave Durham, Stan Mitchell

Without a Key - Hank Cochran, Dave Durham

Without Words - Dave Durham

Black Iron Pony - Dave Durham

Ruby Falls - Stan Mitchell, Dave Durham

Where Has All The Time Gone? - Stan Mitchell

Gasoline - Dave Durham, Hank Cochran

Life of the Party - Dave Durham

It's Not The Fall - Hank Cochran, Dave Durham