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Want to record a live performance?

Need a demo of your playing and/or singing?

Just want to cut some tracks and make yourself a CD?

Want to make a CD, sell lots of copies and make some money?


We'll bring our studio to you!

An all digital, computer recording system is available to record you at your location. The same set-up used in our studio at "The Ranch." We can record up to 16 tracks of live performance or session work in one take, and an unlimited number of tracks layered in retakes or additional sessions.

Equipment encludes Macintosh computers, Mark of the Unicorn I/O hardware, Mackie Mixers and pre-amps, Shure microphones, JBL monotoring system and software by Steinberg.

Recording and mastering is all computer based, with softward and hardware analog emulation and enhancement.


** We like to cost out the work by the job, rather than by the hour. "Rome was not built in a day" is a good place to start...creating something lasting and good might take longer than expected. After all, we're more interested in the music than in the money!!


Call for information and quotes...ask for Stan