Sail a saga of the seven seas with Captain Jacob Brock in      
an all American, historically correct novel of the 1840's and 50's. Start      
in Hawaii and sail in a wind-driven three master to the California coast,      
round the Horn, and up the Atlantic seaboard. Then, switch to a steam-driven      
side wheeler and sail South Carolina's rivers. Deception, infidelity, mayhem,      
murder, perfidy, romance, and skullduggery are only a few of the adversities      
which face the good Captain and there is derring-do a'plenty. He survives,      
but not always in the manner which he expects. At this time in history, that      
disease of society known as slavery still infected the southern United States      
where it was furthered by those who would not come to grips with the economic      
duress necessary for its elimination. Too, the machine age was just beginning,      
with its quickening development. The everyday life of the common man was about      
to go through great upheavals. This was a time when the "Great Explosion,"      
which was about to come... "cooked."

Action!! Adventure!! Romance!! Intrigue!!

Sail with Captain Brock on one of the.."..most exciting sea chases ever written!"

Born August 20, 1925 into a sea-faring family, Jack Brock was preceded by four generations of Brocks holding their captain's papers for American vessels. He served honorably in the U. S. Navy during World War II. After that, he trained in the fine Arts and pursued a career as a painter. At one time, he had his own school of Art in Marietta, Georgia. Upon moving to Hawaii in the 1960ıs and becoming a pioneer SCUBA diver, he became the collector for the Waikiki Aquarium, holding that position for several years. Still painting today, his landscapes, nudes, and still lifes can be found in art collections across America. Since his father and grandfather are both remembered as great raconteurs, his story telling abilities may be inherited. In any event, this writing was a labor of love in both the researching of his familyıs history and the filling in of some gaps. Bare annals fail to show motivation for historical events but when the characters are fleshed out, as they are here, they begin to make sense. Jack Brock has written quite a tale while illuminating scenes of American history!





Brock House


A Novel by

Jack Brock

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