If you are considering an international adoption, this book is a must read.
 Mrs. McKord has written an informative and wonderfully exprssed 
story of her and her husband's incredible journey through international 
adoption.  Along with telling her story, Mrs. McKord highlights the actual 
process, focusing on the trials and tribulations of each step in the process.  
She gives the reader a great understanding of how international adoption 
works.  Prospective adoptive parents will gain a greater appreciation for 
international adoption and will be able to better prepare for their own 

"A book for adoption agencies, prospective adoptive parents, attorneys, and anyone who in directly or indirectly involved in adoption."

		"This book was wonderful!  Not only for the wonderful story of parents
finding their children, but for the valuable information that all international 
adopting parents will find helpful."  
																			Tim and Stephanie, Florida 
   "This book gave us a new perespective on international adoption.  As 
prospective adopting parents, we were not sure whether we wanted to 
pursue domestic or international adoption.  this book has opened our eyes 
to the wonderful experience of international adoption and is helping us
to make the decision to consider adopting internationally."
																											Jim and Liz, Georgia
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     "We were lucky enough to have a manuscript copy of this book before
we left on out trip to find our children, and many of the things she 
described happened to us, particularly the things that our agency did not
tell us about.  We would highly recommend this book to all adopting 
parents, both international and domestic."
																		Scott and Sharon, North Carolina
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* Available in February, 2007

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