Public Works

Training is available in a wide variety of topics of interest to public works personnel. From top management to entry level positions, there are training classes and activities available. Voluntary certification programs are available which can be tailored to the specific needs of public and private utilities, other public works, and service organizations.

Corporations and Businesses

Programs and classes for corporate training are conducted in several areas, including top management theory as well as practical applications of employee relations issues. There are training opportunities avaliable regardless of organizational level. Training in these cases has a specific purpose, that is to create an atmosphere where employee morale and thus productivity are increased, creating a "bottom line" effect in the organization. Management retreats as well as scheduled seminars and training sessions will all be viable parts of such a training program. All training is conducted using the most current theories and practices of organizational behavior. A rich variety of organizational training is being conducted through the Atlanta office.

Training programs for Public Works, Corporations, and Others, including:
Backflow Prevention
Customer Service
Employee Relations
Safety (OSHA)

MTI Training Catalog is available for download. It will be sent in PDF form and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. It can be printed from this format.

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